Friday, July 2, 2010

Our moments of truth~when you go down and fall you need to stand up again

It's moment of truth you give it all.. standing alone.. willing to fall..

When you go on with your life sometimes problems put you down on your knees. Deep in your soul you wish problems should end there and sometimes wish you avoid it. But no you have to rise-up to face on the challenges. Sometimes this is the moment of truth we all wait for just for us people can go on with our lives. Sometimes you wonder if you can go back and look back. Yet all you see are memories while you go alone. This is what people like us do. Go on and sometimes forget all the bad things. Moments that you wish you want to go back and time to change it for the sake of yourself and others. This is a very mean world it will also keep you down. You must accept your failures and still go on and take the hits and go to make-up for it and sometimes FIGHT FOR IT

Believe in yourself, guys we all have our Moments of truth and sadness and pain either in our past or at our very present yet we need to still go on even if you go alone in this mean world

Kamen Rider 000 Sneak Peak

Ok a sneak peak and somewhat preview of the new Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider 000 or 0s i hope this series will be as fun as double and 0s' Henshin is full of effort. I'm gonna miss Kamen Rider Double as the series is now ending

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kamen Rider Double~Nobody's Perfect


you can download it here

it contains 3 mp3s:

1.Nobody's Perfect
2.Nobody's Perfect~Hardboiled Jazz Version
3.Nobody's Perfect~Instrumentals

No doubt a beautiful song sanged by the wonderful Mr Koji Kikkawa aka Kamen Rider Skull/Sokichi Narumi enjoy this song guys it is a song worth listening for

credit goes to: Jefusion and Ryulong

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kamen Rider Products

Another boring evening for me. And whenever I spend nights like these. I end up searching the net for toys and figures. (despite me being in debt to too much pre-orders)

Anyhow, here are some Kamen Rider products that got my interest.

Terror Gaia Memory. 
They are actually selling this in GTO, but I would rather get the Taboo or Claydoll.

Trial Memory
They are up for pre-orders now. Henshin devices are cool. But I wish they'd make adult sizes.

Last but not least, S.I.C version of Momotaros.

Mazinkaiser SKL


i think i just shed manly tears. So this will be themesong to the 11th Mazinger series? DAMN it gives me goosebumps of AWESOME. My Super Robot spirit and fandom came back to my senses again

"The earth purifying knight of Destiny, GOSEIKNIGHT"

next cosplay plan after accel trial and the return of sharivan? Hmm by the way this is Goseiknight the 6th member of the current sentai series TENSOU SENTAI GOSEIGER

"The earth purifying knight of Destiny, GOSEIKNIGHT"

New Ultraman Zero Movie

New ULTRAMAN ZERO MOVIE!!! holy damn if that Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie isn't enough THEN DAMN i hope this movie will be as EPIC as the previous movie stated here. Can't wait to see Belial and Zero settle their scores.

Kamen Rider 000 will premiere at September 5

Kamen Rider 000 will premiere at September 5 and Kamen Rider Double will end at August 30. I really enjoyed Double as it was a fun series now with a new show to replace it. I hope 000/0's will be a fun series just like Double