Friday, June 25, 2010

5 Years ago.. memories of my past Ozinefest 2005

1 of the major events where my Sharivan won its been along long TIME here are the pics of proof those are the times where i realized i am the only Sharivan here in the cosplay community hahaha 2005 where i sanged the Bioman opening theme. Even won 2 awards that time it was 1 of my favorite events. People called my cosplay Garbage and cardboard but my sharivan won 5 times? Look who's laughing now HAHAHA ohw well smile smile. Lastly this blog was a request because a lot of assholes didnt believe i was on ozine 2005 ohw well dudes i just posted the proof =D

Otakuzine Special Award

Most Friendly Cosplayer Award

Those where the years i wish they didn't fade away

Computer Fighting Machine Virtual-On Temjin Composite ver. Ka

Computer Fighting Machine Virtual-On Temjin Composite Ver. Ka

its about DAMN TIME they made this. This will be worth the wait for sure. I'm a huge fan of Computer Fighting Machine Virtual-On games i have played almost all of the games in this awesome trilogy and by far TEMJIN is my favorite of them all and Viper comes in a close second. if you want more more info please visit

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nobody's Perfect PV

Having bad days, bad experiences and bad things happening in your life right now? Nah it's ok...

Nobody's Perfect

Rockman 7 FC Kamen Rider Decade and other Riders Mod

Im not much of a fan of Rockman or even Megaman but when there's a Kamen Rider Mode im willing to play it aslong as to destroy my boredom. Currently playing the game and its fun using the Z and X keys

you can download the games here:

UPDATE: sniper Joe to Riottroopers

Truker Joe to G3

UPDATE: Final Update

Game without the Kamen Rider mods:

credit goes to Brian and mateo360

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What new Kamen Rider?!?!?! Kamen Rider 000??

at long last a real image of the new kamen rider show after kamen rider double


The Rumored Kamen Rider Double... final ultimate FORM??? CAX?? and Kamen Rider 1 and 2 in Double Movie?

Holy damn mother of... KAMEN RIDER 1 and KAMEN RIDER 2 will appear on the Kamen Rider Double MOVIE!!!!

Wait what? the rumored ultimate final form?!? ok what the hell i dunno if this is shopped or real but damn i'm shocked at this right now

Cyclone Accel Extreme??