Thursday, December 16, 2010

welcome sentai 2011: KAIZOKU SENTAI GOUKAIGER

so the rumors that have been spawning where right it is Pirate themed but here's the good thing that made it catch my eyes

Decade-like sentai? travelling to worlds? I just hope the actors are not Alternate Universes Im tired of the whole AU aspect that Decade has done in this journey. Anyhow It's red revolution ALL OVER AGAIN. I can't wait to see the Red Turbo, Red1 and Redmask return.

their main primary mecha Goukai-oh looks neat to be honest though i wish it won't end up like those clusterf*** mechas from the past few years. It can utilize with past sentai mechas from what i have heard

Tensou Sentai Goseiger is almost ending and now i would be honest i did enjoyed the series though the series was Bland and boring at 1st but from episode 16-above it got me interested. Anyhow I am looking forward to sentai fo 2011 as we are celebrating the 35th anniversary.... well Kamen rider will celebrate its 40th anniversary while the Ultrafranchise will celebrate it's 45th anniversary. Hopefully this will not end up like what happened to Decade


anyhow i knew there was going to be a 2nd Kamen Rider in the Kamen Rider OOO series. He looks much more of a metal hero ala winspector, solbrain than a rider tbh anyhow the sentai and Kamen rider genre has absorbed the aspects of the metal heroes for quite a long time now. Birth looks cool his designs aren't bad at all seeing it in action was better than seeing him in the silhouette during magazine scans. This was taken from Kamen Rider OOO and W moviewars 2011 which will be shown in theaters this Upcoming December 18



anyhow sorry for my late updates as of now i am a buzy person i really don't know WHEN to blog again i will provide updates on toy reviews very soon so ENJOY anyhow here's an Ultrasanta to lighten things up