Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ultraman Nexus (Sony Playstation 2 game)

I remember during 2004 when I saw this game on Playstation 2 disc.It's too rare because it was only one while others were EA,Blizzard and many american games were displayed so being curious about the content, but I was amaze about the game RPG mix with Fighting Mode against villains like Mizorogi.The fighting mode were similar to my Super Famicom game like Ultraman and Ultraseven.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

welcome sentai 2011: KAIZOKU SENTAI GOUKAIGER

so the rumors that have been spawning where right it is Pirate themed but here's the good thing that made it catch my eyes

Decade-like sentai? travelling to worlds? I just hope the actors are not Alternate Universes Im tired of the whole AU aspect that Decade has done in this journey. Anyhow It's red revolution ALL OVER AGAIN. I can't wait to see the Red Turbo, Red1 and Redmask return.

their main primary mecha Goukai-oh looks neat to be honest though i wish it won't end up like those clusterf*** mechas from the past few years. It can utilize with past sentai mechas from what i have heard

Tensou Sentai Goseiger is almost ending and now i would be honest i did enjoyed the series though the series was Bland and boring at 1st but from episode 16-above it got me interested. Anyhow I am looking forward to sentai fo 2011 as we are celebrating the 35th anniversary.... well Kamen rider will celebrate its 40th anniversary while the Ultrafranchise will celebrate it's 45th anniversary. Hopefully this will not end up like what happened to Decade


anyhow i knew there was going to be a 2nd Kamen Rider in the Kamen Rider OOO series. He looks much more of a metal hero ala winspector, solbrain than a rider tbh anyhow the sentai and Kamen rider genre has absorbed the aspects of the metal heroes for quite a long time now. Birth looks cool his designs aren't bad at all seeing it in action was better than seeing him in the silhouette during magazine scans. This was taken from Kamen Rider OOO and W moviewars 2011 which will be shown in theaters this Upcoming December 18



anyhow sorry for my late updates as of now i am a buzy person i really don't know WHEN to blog again i will provide updates on toy reviews very soon so ENJOY anyhow here's an Ultrasanta to lighten things up

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Uchuu Keiji Laser Blade Themes

EPIC WIN!!!!! A remarkable music background for us tokufans and an ultimate classic of tokusatsu history the immortal Uchuu Keiji.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

B-fighter manga??

B-fighter manga??

OK OK WTF i wasnt inform there was a b-fighter manga this is 1 of my favorite metal hero series and WTF i am such a slowpoke AT THIS! ohw the creator of the manga was also the same creator of the Detective Conan Manga

Would you believe you can combine Transformers Classics Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Jetfire?

Jet-powered prime? Optimus Prime jet-pack mode? Skyprime??

Would you believe you can combine Transformers Voyager Class Optimus and Jetfire Well at 1st i didn't believe it but hey this video showed how. Though you will have to grow on how this looks though but for me it looks fine as hell now

Here is video instruction on how to combine these guys

Transformers Toy Review-Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Optimus Prime (Deluxe)

Transformers Toy Review-Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Optimus Prime(Deluxe)

1st off it has been awhile since i last collected an Optimus Prime toy i'm an Optimus Prime Collector by the way and since the "WAR FOR CYBERTRON" game came i knew they had to make toys of every character there and without a doubt Optimus will get his own toy version in this trilogy. The Packaging is very nice and i like the detail from side to back and all parts

The Toy itself looks NICE it has an overall bulk in it which i like though i would have prefer if he was a Voyager or even Ultra Class toy nonetheless it's 1 of my new Favorite TF deluxe class toys and his retro color scheme represents the G1 Prime that we all know. His Ion blaster rifle looks nifty though the springs on this toy are annoying to adjust. There are holes on Prime's lower arms you can also attach the file there.

The Vehicle Mode is very nice and it is an Armored cybertronian truck by the way. Though i still prefer how the Titanium War Within Prime in vehicle mode looks better as a Cybertronian Truck. This ressembles the TF animated Cybertronian mode Optimus Prime in vehicular mode. Transforming him to vehicle mode is a bit tricky at 1st but once you got it out. It won't be that hard to transform from vehicle to robot anymore. The Ion Blaster rifle also attaches to a hole on the top part of the vehicle

His size comparison compared to 25th Anniversary Series Optimus Prime

Now here is the size comparison compared to Special Deluxe Class Transformers Optimus Prime

Overall comment: The toy is very nice and has a good BULK in it though as i said i would have liked it better if it was a Ultra or Voyager class the toy itself is 1 of the well-made primes though. I would give credit hopefully there will be a Takara Version of this toy.

i rate this toy:

8.6 out of 10

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/Unmei no Gaia Memory movie theme song download link

Matsuoka Mitsuru - W

The themesong to the Kamen Rider Double Forever: A to Z/Unmei no Gaia Memory forever. Sanged by my Matsuoka Mitsuru aka Daido Katsumi/Kamen Rider Eternal. Seriously at 1st i didnt like the song due to the fact it does not have a somewhat "detective" or "mystery" feel in it but hey it grew on me this song is great to listen while you are looking at the sunset anyways enjoy.

download link is here:

this album contains 3 mp3s:

1. W
2. W (Movie BG ver)
3. W (instrumental)

credit goes to Ryulong, Jefusion and HJU

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tokusatsu series review-Fireman/Magmaman

"Deep under the Earth's surface lives the Agan, a race of people who will die if exposed to light of the sun for more than three minutes. When the surface world is attacked by aliens one of the Agan risks his life to defend it, as the giant hero Fireman. Taking on human form and using the name Misaki, Daisuke he joins the Scientific Attack Force."

-Quote taken from Henshin Hero Hall of fame

Since i have not been making blots lately time to make my 1st toku series blog review on this classic serieswithout a doubt one of the best non-ultra hero series i have ever watched. Considering it's way over 40 years ago. This was made during 1973 where CGI on toku shows haven't even been made and the use of scale-models on toku shows have been a fine addition to the toku industry during those times. The fight scenes and some of the plots might be ultraman-plot based but the story and everything about this show as a whole is great. The themesong is sanged by the Legendary Masato Shimon a very well known toku and anime singer up until this day though he did retired during the 90's era

The agans are a distant relative of the humans that have big eyes that ressembles the eyes of a kamen rider. One brave young man named Misakey risks his life to protect the world from evil aliens and monsters. Donning the name Daisuke Misaki when danger appears he transfroms to the giant fighter, Magman by the use of the firestick

Just like some Ultraman-based oriented show Daisuke Misaki/Fireman joins a special technology based team called the SAF(Science Attack Force). SAF's vehicles are very unique might i add and i like the design of their jets and their unique fish-look-a-like Submarine

The whole plotline of the series did not have holes. 30-episodes of action-story-drama packed episodes. The story each episode has a well-written spectacle on it. Most episodes arent episodic mostly has 2-part arcs especially the episodes 1-2 and 3-4. Beware of Episode 24 though it's a whole mindfuck episode it's like seeing Ultraman in the whole twilight zone. Mr. Naoya Makoto's portrayal of Daisuke Misaki is POWERFUL and i do mean powerful as he portrays his character so well. He acts as if he IS the character himself even showing real tears on scenes of sadness

Going to Fireman's costume i love how he looks. He just looks like an Ultra-based Kamen rider minus the motorcycle. And his attacks are unique much like the Fire Dash much like Ultraman Taroh's Ultra Bomb. He even uses a Fire staff much like Ultraman Jack's Ultra Lance.

Everything has an end to it's series that has a sweet ending. But no Fireman's ending is somewhat depressing he risks his life to destroy Planetship X. Fireman was a brave soldier in protecting the world i remember when i was a child i cried when i saw him dissapear and die in space. Without a doubt i highly recommend this series to all you Toku-fanatics

I rate this series 9.5 out of 10

Friday, July 23, 2010

1st Blog regarding a transformer toy

Transformers Generations Deluxe Class War For Cybertron Optimus Prime

Bought this baby yesterday. It's hella damn worth it btw this is just another update of what's the 1st Transformer toy im gonna review on this blog. Might i add this is a deluxe class but it's worth it due to the fact it is a wonderful addition to your Optimus Prime collection and also if you are a Transformer toy collector.

A little update and no this is not a toy review

Kamen Rider Double Henshin Series DX Maximum Counter Trial Memory

ok guys just bought this last wednesday and yes it IS worth it. Now my Kamen Rider Accel Trial Form cosplay will now commence on it's construction. Went to greenhills last wednesday and yes the Dopant memory is 850 pesos. They still got 7 stocks from what i have been told so i might buy 1 on the 2nd week or 1st week of august. Now next plan also to get more War for Cybertron transformer toys hehe

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gundam Decade

Here's a fan-made film for Gundam and Kamen Rider fans.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kamen Rider Double Henshin Series Review- DX Kamen Rider Accel~Accel Driver review


Description: This is 1 of the most creative and innovative belts if you'd ask me it contains 3 parts The Driver, Accel Gaia memory and the Straps. This is belt is a personal favorite of mine alongside with the Decadriver, Doubledriver and the Ixa belt I highly recommend this Toy to all Kamen Rider Fans and Toku toy collectors. Kamen Rider Accel is also UNIQUE as it is the 1st Kamen Rider to transform into his own Bike(!). Accel is an innovative Kamen Rider aswell as Double as it uses those USB-like Gaia memories. There's also another Gaia memory accel which he uses for his engineblade, It's called the Engine memory(which i will review alongside with the Engineblade very soon)

Here is the Accel Gaia Memory and yes you can also put this memory of the Doubledriver and the upcoming LostDriver for Kamen Rider Eternal. The Batteries on almost all Gaia memories(except for Trial, Fangmemory and even Extreme memory) are the same. Those are the ones used on most watches

Here is the Strap ive putted an additional Extender so i can wear it

Here is the Driver, Accel Transforms to a bike its a 1st for a kamen rider and it's innovative that you can remove this driver from the belt that's a plus in my opinion

As you can see just like seen on the Show and yes ive added an Extender so i can also wear it. I got 2 of these 1 is for display and 1 i use for cosplay(the one shown here)

Ok now to say Hen..SHIIIIIIIIIIIIN without a doubt This is 1 of my favorite Henshin devices

Now when you press the right handlebar you access into Accel's Henshin Form and you will hear the sound effect "ACCEL" and then the motorbike sounds and yes it's a very noisy henshin sound compared to the Doubledriver

when you pull the clutch on the left handlebar you can access on the Accel Maximum Drive sound function. To execute the Maximum Drive press the right handlebar. As i said earlier the sounds on this belt is very loud yet awesome at the sametime

Final comments:
Damn without a doubt this is a great addition to my Kamen Rider Belt Collection. Highly recommended and a masterpiece though i wish this belt is more an Adult size than the DX size.

i rate this toy:
8.5 out of 10

Coming Very Soon: (Trial Memory Review and Engineblade Review)

Elite Sentai Ginyu-force?

uhm LOL toku-sentai uhm elite sentai Ginyu-force? Ah yes i remember these guys im glad this awesome scene got a revamped/remake. I dunno why but these guys are damn cool

Reasons.. to go on and never give up!

this song is dedicated to all my friends, comrades, loved ones and people in the cosplay community and to you too, Comrade General chao wherever you are i hope you do comeback. You guys are all heroes in giving me Inspiration. you guys gave me a huge REASON to never give-up!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our moments of truth~when you go down and fall you need to stand up again

It's moment of truth you give it all.. standing alone.. willing to fall..

When you go on with your life sometimes problems put you down on your knees. Deep in your soul you wish problems should end there and sometimes wish you avoid it. But no you have to rise-up to face on the challenges. Sometimes this is the moment of truth we all wait for just for us people can go on with our lives. Sometimes you wonder if you can go back and look back. Yet all you see are memories while you go alone. This is what people like us do. Go on and sometimes forget all the bad things. Moments that you wish you want to go back and time to change it for the sake of yourself and others. This is a very mean world it will also keep you down. You must accept your failures and still go on and take the hits and go to make-up for it and sometimes FIGHT FOR IT

Believe in yourself, guys we all have our Moments of truth and sadness and pain either in our past or at our very present yet we need to still go on even if you go alone in this mean world

Kamen Rider 000 Sneak Peak

Ok a sneak peak and somewhat preview of the new Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider 000 or 0s i hope this series will be as fun as double and 0s' Henshin is full of effort. I'm gonna miss Kamen Rider Double as the series is now ending

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kamen Rider Double~Nobody's Perfect


you can download it here

it contains 3 mp3s:

1.Nobody's Perfect
2.Nobody's Perfect~Hardboiled Jazz Version
3.Nobody's Perfect~Instrumentals

No doubt a beautiful song sanged by the wonderful Mr Koji Kikkawa aka Kamen Rider Skull/Sokichi Narumi enjoy this song guys it is a song worth listening for

credit goes to: Jefusion and Ryulong

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kamen Rider Products

Another boring evening for me. And whenever I spend nights like these. I end up searching the net for toys and figures. (despite me being in debt to too much pre-orders)

Anyhow, here are some Kamen Rider products that got my interest.

Terror Gaia Memory. 
They are actually selling this in GTO, but I would rather get the Taboo or Claydoll.

Trial Memory
They are up for pre-orders now. Henshin devices are cool. But I wish they'd make adult sizes.

Last but not least, S.I.C version of Momotaros.

Mazinkaiser SKL


i think i just shed manly tears. So this will be themesong to the 11th Mazinger series? DAMN it gives me goosebumps of AWESOME. My Super Robot spirit and fandom came back to my senses again

"The earth purifying knight of Destiny, GOSEIKNIGHT"

next cosplay plan after accel trial and the return of sharivan? Hmm by the way this is Goseiknight the 6th member of the current sentai series TENSOU SENTAI GOSEIGER

"The earth purifying knight of Destiny, GOSEIKNIGHT"

New Ultraman Zero Movie

New ULTRAMAN ZERO MOVIE!!! holy damn if that Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie isn't enough THEN DAMN i hope this movie will be as EPIC as the previous movie stated here. Can't wait to see Belial and Zero settle their scores.

Kamen Rider 000 will premiere at September 5

Kamen Rider 000 will premiere at September 5 and Kamen Rider Double will end at August 30. I really enjoyed Double as it was a fun series now with a new show to replace it. I hope 000/0's will be a fun series just like Double

Friday, June 25, 2010

5 Years ago.. memories of my past Ozinefest 2005

1 of the major events where my Sharivan won its been along long TIME here are the pics of proof those are the times where i realized i am the only Sharivan here in the cosplay community hahaha 2005 where i sanged the Bioman opening theme. Even won 2 awards that time it was 1 of my favorite events. People called my cosplay Garbage and cardboard but my sharivan won 5 times? Look who's laughing now HAHAHA ohw well smile smile. Lastly this blog was a request because a lot of assholes didnt believe i was on ozine 2005 ohw well dudes i just posted the proof =D

Otakuzine Special Award

Most Friendly Cosplayer Award

Those where the years i wish they didn't fade away

Computer Fighting Machine Virtual-On Temjin Composite ver. Ka

Computer Fighting Machine Virtual-On Temjin Composite Ver. Ka

its about DAMN TIME they made this. This will be worth the wait for sure. I'm a huge fan of Computer Fighting Machine Virtual-On games i have played almost all of the games in this awesome trilogy and by far TEMJIN is my favorite of them all and Viper comes in a close second. if you want more more info please visit

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nobody's Perfect PV

Having bad days, bad experiences and bad things happening in your life right now? Nah it's ok...

Nobody's Perfect

Rockman 7 FC Kamen Rider Decade and other Riders Mod

Im not much of a fan of Rockman or even Megaman but when there's a Kamen Rider Mode im willing to play it aslong as to destroy my boredom. Currently playing the game and its fun using the Z and X keys

you can download the games here:

UPDATE: sniper Joe to Riottroopers

Truker Joe to G3

UPDATE: Final Update

Game without the Kamen Rider mods:

credit goes to Brian and mateo360

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What new Kamen Rider?!?!?! Kamen Rider 000??

at long last a real image of the new kamen rider show after kamen rider double


The Rumored Kamen Rider Double... final ultimate FORM??? CAX?? and Kamen Rider 1 and 2 in Double Movie?

Holy damn mother of... KAMEN RIDER 1 and KAMEN RIDER 2 will appear on the Kamen Rider Double MOVIE!!!!

Wait what? the rumored ultimate final form?!? ok what the hell i dunno if this is shopped or real but damn i'm shocked at this right now

Cyclone Accel Extreme??

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some of my Optimus Prime Collection

note: this will be updated soon i have not yet taken my other primes on my other display stands

Transformers G1 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime, Transformers Armada Optimus Prime, Transformers Beast Wars 2 Lio Convoy, Transformers RID Spychanger Optimus Prime and Ultramagnus, Transformers Classics Optimus Prime and Jetfire Combined, Transformers Animated Voyager Class Optimus Prime, Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Cybertronian ModeTransformers Classics Universe Special Edition Optimus Prime, Transformers ROTF Jet-powered Optimus Prime, Transformers Movie 2007 Voyager Class Optimus Prime, Transformers Universe Classics Nemesis Prime

Transformers Movie 2007 Leader Class Optimus Prime and also Premium Series version, Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus Primal and Beast Wars Optimal Optimus

Kamen Rider Double Cycone Joker-Xtreme Dream sample

a sample of the themesong for Kamen Rider Double's Cyclone Joker Extreme Form sanged by Labor day no info yet whatsoever on when is the full release and full mp3 of the song

Dreams Do Come True..

Dreams Do Come True....

what a whore

you have until toycon to prove that i am what you seek, if you do NOT show up on toycon then die in hell, you lying prick just to let you know you got lots of people waiting for you this toycon. 1 question DO YOU have the balls to face me? or the others, what will you do? You abnormal TOOL of society? You and what ARMY? and Army of maggots like yourself? Stop Hiding in that sheep's clothing i know you are a MAN not a woman

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RIP Mr Shunsuke Ikeda aka Kikaider01

Mr. Shunsuke Ikeda aka Kikaider 01/Ichiro November 11, 1941 – June 11, 2010

Mr Ikeda is best known for playing Ichiro/Kikaider 01 has passed away last June 11, 2010 due to complications of Diabetes. Hawaiian fans may know him as a great hero aswell as Kikaider(the original) it is to our sad dismay that we lost another great tokusatsu hero in the legendary ranks. May he know find eternal peace in God's hands and forever will be remembered as a great hero a lot of people can look upon too. Our condolences goes to the fans, family and friends of Mr Shunsuke Ikeda

Kamen Rider Accel Trial Form = FIST OF THE NORTH STAR



Remember guys FIGHT until the end this person proved how much you can do for your life. Even at the death he even smiled and cheered up even at all the pain he had.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kamen Rider Black and Black RX Song Collection Download

Kamen Rider Black and Black RX Complete Song Collection

as many have requested for a download link for the complete mp3s here it is. 2 of the most well known KAMEN RIDER SHOWS of all TIME. Enjoy this epic song collection

Here is the download link Enjoy downloading, guys

This Song Collection Contains 20 mp3s:

1.Kamen Rider Black(Opening theme sanged by the legendary Mr Tetsuo Kurata)
2.The Star Lullaby
3.Black Action
4.Run into your Goal!
5.Let's fight Rider!
6.Dash! Great 2 Machines
7.Transform! Rider Black
8.Blackhole Message
9.Long Long Ago 20th Century(Kamen Rider Black Ending theme)
10.Kamen Rider Black RX(Kamen Rider Black RX Opening theme)
11.It's all for loving you
12.For eternity and for you
13.The Great song of 11 riders
14.Rider of the battlefield, RX
15.Rider of destiny
16.Battle oh! RX
17.Soldier of Light
18.Dash! RX
19.Black Hero
20.Somebody loves you(Kamen Rider Black RX Ending Theme)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Metal Heroes... are long gone.. OR IS IT??

Legends That Never Come Back.. OR DID THEY???

Who says the Legendary Space Sheriffs and other Metal heroes are long gone? Kamen Rider and even Super Sentai absorbed it... mentioned on the picture above are obvious and also other examples is Kamen Rider G3-x and Kamen Rider V1 which are riders that are based on rescue metal heroes, winspector, solbrain and exceedraft. another example is Boukensilver from the 2006 Super Sentai Series GouGou Sentai Boukenger as a matter of fact Eiji/Boukensilver's dad is the guy who played Space Sheriff Sharivan, Mr Hiroshi Watari

so guys it's up for you to decide? for me the Metal heroes are always alive in my heart

Next Cosplay Plans...

Space Sheriff Sharivan

The return of Space Sheriff Sharivan YES the one that made me start cosplaying will return VERY soon

Kamen Rider Accel Trial Form

so i have cosplayed accel so why not his ultimate FORM? now all i need is the DX trial memory that i will pre-ordered from Great Toys Greenhills they said the arrival might come in August

NO maggot OR PRICK with an army of ANTS who makes LIES is gonna stop me from cosplaying these so BRING IT ON i'd love to see that prick try and stop me and spread more lies =D

Thundercats The Movie

Hell Yes HELL YES this movie will surely be worth waiting for

this is an RP from a friend of mine btw

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Transformers The Movie 1986 Soundtrack

"Beyond evil, Beyond good, Beyond your wildest imagination"

No doubt 1 of the best retro music soundtrips ever made and classic retrones found here in this epic song collection from the very-well known TRANSFORMERS


This Song Collection contains these 8 songs

1.Transformers by Lion
2.Instruments of Destruction by NRG
3.Hunger by Spectre General
4.Nothin's gonna stand in our way by Spectre General
5.Dare to be stupid by Weird Al Yankovic
6.Dare by Stan Bush
7.The Touch by Stan Bush(my most favorite song in this song collection)
8.The Touch 2007 by Stan Bush(A revamp of good old Stan Bush's Epic Song)

Journey Through My Cosplay Years....

"Am i kawaii? uguu~"

hello Guys Denggoy here about to share you all of my cosplay costumes form 2003 to the current year(this will be updated soon as series of costumes will progress). Notice all of my Cosplay costumes are Tokusatsu Characters? Tokusatsu Cosplaying is 1 of the most hardest Cosplays ever done and i do know without a doubt THIS IS my rightful place in cosplaying and big-ups to the people who helped, made, criticized and even gave support and also advice in my cosplays i want to improve more and i promise you I WILL CONTINUE and improve more and not even a lowly maggot can stop ME

1. The Very Well Known of em all my Space Sheriff Sharivan Costume this is my hallmark cosplay as this is where i started and also will comeback to very soon. This is also the costume that made me well known in the Cosplay Community(photo credit goes to and Sir Erving Go)

2. Special Beast Investigator Juspion(Photo credit goes to Sir Hester Dubag and

3. Kamen Rider Delta what most of my friends say is my Breakthrough of all my previous Cosplays (photo credit goes to my good friend Tatari)

4. Megasilver my 1st almost all cloth cosplay(photo credit goes to Sir Eva_guy and

5. Would you believe this is my Kamen Rider Delta Costume? hehe because it IS me and my auntie modified my Kamen Rider Delta Costume and now you can see it as the new Kamen Rider Rising Ixa Costume(Photo credit goes to Yoshimi-chan)

6. Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form Cosplay i'm glad at a small time this costume of mine has won 2 times =D (Photo Credit goes to my Good friend Niko)

7. KAMEN RIDER 1 *poses* This is the one opposed to all of my Heisei era kamen rider cosplays this is my 1st ever Showa era Kamen Rider Cosplay as the 1st ever Kamen Rider To get into the rider franchise and also you cant go wrong with Kamen Rider 1 he's the forefather of all Kamen Riders(Photo Credit Goes to my good friend Niko)

8. Kamen Rider Accel UH BOY my most HOTTEST costume and i do mean HOT fully armored and also Leather body suit its the ULTIMATE sauna costume... but i must say i highly enjoyed this costume of mine hehehe (photo credit goes to Cosplayer's Online)

that's about all of it for now might aswell edit this soon as something will return and that is all for now hope you enjoy this =D