Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kamen Rider Black and Black RX Song Collection Download

Kamen Rider Black and Black RX Complete Song Collection

as many have requested for a download link for the complete mp3s here it is. 2 of the most well known KAMEN RIDER SHOWS of all TIME. Enjoy this epic song collection

Here is the download link Enjoy downloading, guys

This Song Collection Contains 20 mp3s:

1.Kamen Rider Black(Opening theme sanged by the legendary Mr Tetsuo Kurata)
2.The Star Lullaby
3.Black Action
4.Run into your Goal!
5.Let's fight Rider!
6.Dash! Great 2 Machines
7.Transform! Rider Black
8.Blackhole Message
9.Long Long Ago 20th Century(Kamen Rider Black Ending theme)
10.Kamen Rider Black RX(Kamen Rider Black RX Opening theme)
11.It's all for loving you
12.For eternity and for you
13.The Great song of 11 riders
14.Rider of the battlefield, RX
15.Rider of destiny
16.Battle oh! RX
17.Soldier of Light
18.Dash! RX
19.Black Hero
20.Somebody loves you(Kamen Rider Black RX Ending Theme)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Metal Heroes... are long gone.. OR IS IT??

Legends That Never Come Back.. OR DID THEY???

Who says the Legendary Space Sheriffs and other Metal heroes are long gone? Kamen Rider and even Super Sentai absorbed it... mentioned on the picture above are obvious and also other examples is Kamen Rider G3-x and Kamen Rider V1 which are riders that are based on rescue metal heroes, winspector, solbrain and exceedraft. another example is Boukensilver from the 2006 Super Sentai Series GouGou Sentai Boukenger as a matter of fact Eiji/Boukensilver's dad is the guy who played Space Sheriff Sharivan, Mr Hiroshi Watari

so guys it's up for you to decide? for me the Metal heroes are always alive in my heart

Next Cosplay Plans...

Space Sheriff Sharivan

The return of Space Sheriff Sharivan YES the one that made me start cosplaying will return VERY soon

Kamen Rider Accel Trial Form

so i have cosplayed accel so why not his ultimate FORM? now all i need is the DX trial memory that i will pre-ordered from Great Toys Greenhills they said the arrival might come in August

NO maggot OR PRICK with an army of ANTS who makes LIES is gonna stop me from cosplaying these so BRING IT ON i'd love to see that prick try and stop me and spread more lies =D

Thundercats The Movie

Hell Yes HELL YES this movie will surely be worth waiting for

this is an RP from a friend of mine btw