Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kamen Rider Double Henshin Series Review- DX Kamen Rider Accel~Accel Driver review


Description: This is 1 of the most creative and innovative belts if you'd ask me it contains 3 parts The Driver, Accel Gaia memory and the Straps. This is belt is a personal favorite of mine alongside with the Decadriver, Doubledriver and the Ixa belt I highly recommend this Toy to all Kamen Rider Fans and Toku toy collectors. Kamen Rider Accel is also UNIQUE as it is the 1st Kamen Rider to transform into his own Bike(!). Accel is an innovative Kamen Rider aswell as Double as it uses those USB-like Gaia memories. There's also another Gaia memory accel which he uses for his engineblade, It's called the Engine memory(which i will review alongside with the Engineblade very soon)

Here is the Accel Gaia Memory and yes you can also put this memory of the Doubledriver and the upcoming LostDriver for Kamen Rider Eternal. The Batteries on almost all Gaia memories(except for Trial, Fangmemory and even Extreme memory) are the same. Those are the ones used on most watches

Here is the Strap ive putted an additional Extender so i can wear it

Here is the Driver, Accel Transforms to a bike its a 1st for a kamen rider and it's innovative that you can remove this driver from the belt that's a plus in my opinion

As you can see just like seen on the Show and yes ive added an Extender so i can also wear it. I got 2 of these 1 is for display and 1 i use for cosplay(the one shown here)

Ok now to say Hen..SHIIIIIIIIIIIIN without a doubt This is 1 of my favorite Henshin devices

Now when you press the right handlebar you access into Accel's Henshin Form and you will hear the sound effect "ACCEL" and then the motorbike sounds and yes it's a very noisy henshin sound compared to the Doubledriver

when you pull the clutch on the left handlebar you can access on the Accel Maximum Drive sound function. To execute the Maximum Drive press the right handlebar. As i said earlier the sounds on this belt is very loud yet awesome at the sametime

Final comments:
Damn without a doubt this is a great addition to my Kamen Rider Belt Collection. Highly recommended and a masterpiece though i wish this belt is more an Adult size than the DX size.

i rate this toy:
8.5 out of 10

Coming Very Soon: (Trial Memory Review and Engineblade Review)

Elite Sentai Ginyu-force?

uhm LOL toku-sentai uhm elite sentai Ginyu-force? Ah yes i remember these guys im glad this awesome scene got a revamped/remake. I dunno why but these guys are damn cool

Reasons.. to go on and never give up!

this song is dedicated to all my friends, comrades, loved ones and people in the cosplay community and to you too, Comrade General chao wherever you are i hope you do comeback. You guys are all heroes in giving me Inspiration. you guys gave me a huge REASON to never give-up!