Saturday, June 5, 2010

Transformers The Movie 1986 Soundtrack

"Beyond evil, Beyond good, Beyond your wildest imagination"

No doubt 1 of the best retro music soundtrips ever made and classic retrones found here in this epic song collection from the very-well known TRANSFORMERS


This Song Collection contains these 8 songs

1.Transformers by Lion
2.Instruments of Destruction by NRG
3.Hunger by Spectre General
4.Nothin's gonna stand in our way by Spectre General
5.Dare to be stupid by Weird Al Yankovic
6.Dare by Stan Bush
7.The Touch by Stan Bush(my most favorite song in this song collection)
8.The Touch 2007 by Stan Bush(A revamp of good old Stan Bush's Epic Song)

Journey Through My Cosplay Years....

"Am i kawaii? uguu~"

hello Guys Denggoy here about to share you all of my cosplay costumes form 2003 to the current year(this will be updated soon as series of costumes will progress). Notice all of my Cosplay costumes are Tokusatsu Characters? Tokusatsu Cosplaying is 1 of the most hardest Cosplays ever done and i do know without a doubt THIS IS my rightful place in cosplaying and big-ups to the people who helped, made, criticized and even gave support and also advice in my cosplays i want to improve more and i promise you I WILL CONTINUE and improve more and not even a lowly maggot can stop ME

1. The Very Well Known of em all my Space Sheriff Sharivan Costume this is my hallmark cosplay as this is where i started and also will comeback to very soon. This is also the costume that made me well known in the Cosplay Community(photo credit goes to and Sir Erving Go)

2. Special Beast Investigator Juspion(Photo credit goes to Sir Hester Dubag and

3. Kamen Rider Delta what most of my friends say is my Breakthrough of all my previous Cosplays (photo credit goes to my good friend Tatari)

4. Megasilver my 1st almost all cloth cosplay(photo credit goes to Sir Eva_guy and

5. Would you believe this is my Kamen Rider Delta Costume? hehe because it IS me and my auntie modified my Kamen Rider Delta Costume and now you can see it as the new Kamen Rider Rising Ixa Costume(Photo credit goes to Yoshimi-chan)

6. Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form Cosplay i'm glad at a small time this costume of mine has won 2 times =D (Photo Credit goes to my Good friend Niko)

7. KAMEN RIDER 1 *poses* This is the one opposed to all of my Heisei era kamen rider cosplays this is my 1st ever Showa era Kamen Rider Cosplay as the 1st ever Kamen Rider To get into the rider franchise and also you cant go wrong with Kamen Rider 1 he's the forefather of all Kamen Riders(Photo Credit Goes to my good friend Niko)

8. Kamen Rider Accel UH BOY my most HOTTEST costume and i do mean HOT fully armored and also Leather body suit its the ULTIMATE sauna costume... but i must say i highly enjoyed this costume of mine hehehe (photo credit goes to Cosplayer's Online)

that's about all of it for now might aswell edit this soon as something will return and that is all for now hope you enjoy this =D

Friday, June 4, 2010

"Fight To Defend Others"

"The planet's wish to live.. The wish to protect people.. That Became My Power!"

"I'm not trying to be a god, I fight to defend others!"

-Zoffy(From Ultraman 0 Chapter 2)

Even if there is no God, Buddha or even a fair system of law there is without a doubt, A KAMEN RIDER

"Even if there is no God, Buddha or even a fair system of law there is without a doubt, A KAMEN RIDER"

Kamen Riders of the Showa era are unfortunate heroes. They lose almost everything that is important to them. Sometimes their masks and helmets shows that they are hiding their sadness, pain and almost everything bad that happened to them even that they fight for the sake of others and they NEVER ask anything in return.

THIS is 1 of the things that inspired me on cosplaying a Kamen Rider, not the bullshit crap that those maggots says. I do it also for the sake of the smiles of people and i promise you guys


The Original Kamen Rider Song Collection

The Legendary Rider Duo that Started the Rider Franchise Kamen Rider 1 and 2 now i give you their Song collection. Without a doubt A very classic and retro goodness right here. I recommend this song collection to all Tokusatsu and Kamen Rider Fans

Enjoy Downloading

These Song Collection Includes 14 Mp3s:

  1. Let's Go Rider Kick(1st Opening Theme)
  2. Let's Go Rider Kick Version 2(2nd Opening Theme)
  3. Demonic Shocker
  4. Oh! Shocker
  5. Beastmen Song
  6. Rider Lullaby
  7. Kamen Rider Christmas
  8. Our Kamen Rider
  9. Kamen Rider Counting Song
  10. Rider Action(3rd Opening Theme and 2nd Ending Theme)
  11. Fight! Cyclone
  12. The Rider Returns
  13. Song Of Kamen Rider(1st Opening theme)
  14. Lonely Kamen Rider(3rd Opening Theme)

Ultraman Related to Evangelion?

Check this pic above

1st and foremost im not a fan of Evangelion(but i might become one soon) this pic shows that somehow the 4 senior Ultrabrothers Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultraman Jack and Ultraseven being related to the those "ANGELS".

From what i have heard Mr. Hideaki Anno is a fan of Ultraman so Evangelion might be a Mecha Inspired-Ultraman ok guys i let you Decide on this i was WTF when i saw this

Space Sheriff Complete Song Collection

The Original And Legendary Space Sheriffs...

Coming from my own Personal Collection Of Metal Hero and Tokusatsu Mp3s i give you the complete mp3 collections of Space Sheriff Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider Enjoy Downloading

YOu Can Download it here

This Song Collection Contains 29 Mp3s

  1. Space Sheriff Gavan(Opening Theme)
  2. Oh! Father
  3. Blue Earth is Mother's Stay
  4. Run! Gavan
  5. Lightning Fast! Gavan
  6. Super Energy! Gavan
  7. Chase Gavan!
  8. Shinning Champion Dol Giran
  9. Our Superhero, Gavan
  10. A Starry Sky's Message(Ending Theme)
  11. Space Sheriff Sharivan(Opening Theme)
  12. To The Starry Streets of the skies
  13. Sharivan Victory March
  14. Danger Melody
  15. Son of Sun
  16. Yeh! Sharivan
  17. Ultra grand dimensional fighting mothership Grandbirth
  18. Spark! Sharivan
  19. Strength Is Love(Ending Theme)
  20. Space Sheriff Shaider(Opening Theme)
  21. The Strange Song
  22. Until the ends of the Galaxy
  23. Leave it to Annie
  24. Shouketsu! Shaider
  25. Blue Lightning
  26. Shaider Blue
  27. The Vavilos/Babilos Song
  28. Hunter of Justice
  29. Hallo! Shaider(Ending theme)

Welcome To The Road That Will Protect The Smiles Of People

"Do you have your own world you can always comeback?"

OK guys this is my 1st blog and welcome to this simple blog of mine not much can be seen here coming from a Tokusatsu, Anime Super Robot fan like myself i am also a cosplayer too cosplaying KAMEN RIDERS and yeah i did cosplay metal heroes before. Most people from the community call me Sharivan, Kuya Shari, Dens, Dennis, Denggoy, Denggs and yes "BIKE".

Here are some of the things you might expect from my Blog:
  1. Tokusatsu Shows and Anime super robot shows Reviews
  2. Transformer Toy and Tokusatsu Toy Reviews
  3. Tokusatsu And Anime Super Robot Music Reviews
  4. Gundam Model Kits and many more model kits Reviews
  5. Toy Updates
  6. Movie Reviews
  7. Rants yeah once in a while
  8. Videos i would like to share to everyone
  9. Anime Super Robot and Tokusatsu Music Download Links
  10. Blogs of trips on other countries
That is all hope you enjoy this simple and humble blog of mine(which might contain lots of grammatical errors ^_^" ahehe)

Thank You And Have A Nice Day =D

that is all for now welcome to my simple blog and please do enjoy