Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tokusatsu series review-Fireman/Magmaman

"Deep under the Earth's surface lives the Agan, a race of people who will die if exposed to light of the sun for more than three minutes. When the surface world is attacked by aliens one of the Agan risks his life to defend it, as the giant hero Fireman. Taking on human form and using the name Misaki, Daisuke he joins the Scientific Attack Force."

-Quote taken from Henshin Hero Hall of fame

Since i have not been making blots lately time to make my 1st toku series blog review on this classic serieswithout a doubt one of the best non-ultra hero series i have ever watched. Considering it's way over 40 years ago. This was made during 1973 where CGI on toku shows haven't even been made and the use of scale-models on toku shows have been a fine addition to the toku industry during those times. The fight scenes and some of the plots might be ultraman-plot based but the story and everything about this show as a whole is great. The themesong is sanged by the Legendary Masato Shimon a very well known toku and anime singer up until this day though he did retired during the 90's era

The agans are a distant relative of the humans that have big eyes that ressembles the eyes of a kamen rider. One brave young man named Misakey risks his life to protect the world from evil aliens and monsters. Donning the name Daisuke Misaki when danger appears he transfroms to the giant fighter, Magman by the use of the firestick

Just like some Ultraman-based oriented show Daisuke Misaki/Fireman joins a special technology based team called the SAF(Science Attack Force). SAF's vehicles are very unique might i add and i like the design of their jets and their unique fish-look-a-like Submarine

The whole plotline of the series did not have holes. 30-episodes of action-story-drama packed episodes. The story each episode has a well-written spectacle on it. Most episodes arent episodic mostly has 2-part arcs especially the episodes 1-2 and 3-4. Beware of Episode 24 though it's a whole mindfuck episode it's like seeing Ultraman in the whole twilight zone. Mr. Naoya Makoto's portrayal of Daisuke Misaki is POWERFUL and i do mean powerful as he portrays his character so well. He acts as if he IS the character himself even showing real tears on scenes of sadness

Going to Fireman's costume i love how he looks. He just looks like an Ultra-based Kamen rider minus the motorcycle. And his attacks are unique much like the Fire Dash much like Ultraman Taroh's Ultra Bomb. He even uses a Fire staff much like Ultraman Jack's Ultra Lance.

Everything has an end to it's series that has a sweet ending. But no Fireman's ending is somewhat depressing he risks his life to destroy Planetship X. Fireman was a brave soldier in protecting the world i remember when i was a child i cried when i saw him dissapear and die in space. Without a doubt i highly recommend this series to all you Toku-fanatics

I rate this series 9.5 out of 10

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